Second-Grade Class News

Debra Mackie, Second-Grade Teacher




Mon.  10-16-17           Spelling: Lesson 5 review words with HFW     Reading: Lesson 5   pages 140-157   This lesson is a Readers’ Theater. Everyone will get a chance to have a part to read in class. Please help your child at home to read the story enough times for fluency.



Tues. 10-17-17            Memory:  Library


Wed. 10-18-17           Chapel       Show & Tell


Thurs. 10-19-17          Memory: The 8th Commandment: 


Fri. 10-20-17               Spelling: final test lesson 5 & Reading test   Relay-A-Thon



            Readers’ Theater groups: The entire class will be put into groups to write a play. They will work during

free time for the next few weeks. When done, they will perform their play for the rest of the class. I may need

parents to type up the plays so they can practice with a copy of their play. 


            Book reports: We are working on chapter books about pets. I will give them the form to use to complete

the report. We will go over the details of how to do the report in class. Everyone will complete a book report for

the free time chapter books they are reading. They will also be entered into the reading log being kept at school.


Relay-A-Thon: Don’t forget to get your sponsors this year. We have been practicing all kinds of relays in gym class so we would be ready for the event.


WELCOME! A big welcome to Arielliz Gonzalez who has joined our class. The girls are very excited.


BEES!!!!! Our classroom has been invaded with bees. They have a nest outside, in the corner, by the window. I have trapped many by closing the screened window on them. Somehow they are still getting into the room. I am now a bee hunter and killer with my trusty workbook.  The nest has been sprayed several times, but they keep coming back.


Parent/Teacher conference sheets went home today. All the times are on Wednesday and Thursday, 11/1-2/17. I am not scheduling any conferences on Friday due to the boys’ State Volleyball Tournament in Springfield. We are waiting to hear from the LSA to see if they have been accepted into the Tournament. Let me know if you need to change your time. If they don’t go to Springfield, I will be in my classroom for the day.




Have a good weekend,

Mrs. Mackie




Fri. 10-5               Mid-quarter grade are released on Fast Direct after 3:30 pm.

I have many papers without names each time work is handed in to be graded. Some work still needs to be turned and was not used to calculate the mid-term grades.


Mon. 10-9            Reading Lesson 4 Dogs pages 112-139   Spelling: lesson 4 pretest


Tues. 10-10          Memory: Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1   I sent another copy of memory home in case you needed it. Also, the memory is on the Parent Bulletin, middle of the back page, in the blue band.             Library


Wed. 10-11           Chapel      S & T - fall items if not brought last week.    


Thurs. 10-12        Memory Work: The 7th commandment: You shall not steal.


Fri. 10-13             Spelling and Reading test



Next week we will do a short unit on Fire prevention. I will be sending home an exit plan for you to fill in with your child in case of a fire at your home. Please return it when completed.


Don’t forget to send a jacket or sweatshirt of some kind to school every day. Some are telling me they have long sleeves and that is good enough to use as an outside coat. That may not be enough if the temperature drops to the 50s during the day.


Relay-a-Thon: on Fri. the 20st.  Don’t forget to get your sponsors. We are hoping for 100% participation turning in donations from the pledges. I turned in sizes for those who had not returned the sheet. Hopefully I guessed right about the size.


Thanks to all those who were able to join us for Chapel on Wednesday. The class enjoyed leading the service, singing and drawing the doors for the message. The doors will be added to their notebook of Second grade work. They also wrote 7th grade and Mr. Benedict a thank you letter for letting us join them in presenting Chapel.




Mrs. Mackie  


Second Grade News:  9/29/17


Mon. 10-2   Spelling: Unit 1 lesson 3    High Frequency Words are used as bonus words on the Friday test.          Reading lesson: 3  Henry and Mudge pages 88-111

                   Religion: test on Noah


Tues.10-3   Memory:  “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Mark 10:8                       Library


Wed. 10-4   Chapel  2nd & 7th grade – Please join us if possible   Show & Tell – Students are to bring in a fall item to show the class.        


Thurs. 10-5 Memory: The 6th Commandment: You shall not commit adultery.

                   Spelling & Reading test Lesson 3   


Fri. 10-6     NO SCHOOL


MONDAY: Everyone should bring an apple of their choice for an afternoon snack. We will be working on a short Johnny Appleseed unit.


Graded Papers:  Graded papers with a “D” or below grade may be corrected and returned for an

improved averaged grade beginning Monday.


          Please be sure your child practices the stories from the Storytown book or some other

book each night. We will be working on classroom stories of  Henry and Mudge to go along

with the one in the book. There are also many in the Library that can be taken out on Wed.


Memory: A new sheet has been sent home today for next week and all of October.


Mid term is today. Grades will be posted and ready for next Friday. Also the MAP testing

results should be available soon.


Since we can’t predict the weather with accuracy, please send something for your child to wear outside at recess.   Also, as some parents have found out for themselves, our room can be very hot even if it is cool outside.  I may need to turn on the air conditioner to cool off the room by afternoon. It’s hard to concentrate when the room is too hot!  Everyone should have a navy blue or white sweater/sweatshirt or a St. John’s sweatshirt in their locker for all the outside and inside temperature changes.


PTL Relay-A-Thon: An envelope went home today with all the information for the t-shirt contest, sizes needed and event happenings. Please be sure to look through the envelope.


Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Mackie 




TONIGHT: BOOK FAIR 3:15-6:30   PTL GAME NIGHT 6:30-8:30


Sunday:     Church and Sunday school


Monday: 9/25/17     Spelling: Unit 1 Lesson 2 pretest       The test will be corrected and returned. Those who receive an A+ grade will not take the test on Friday.  

Reading: We are on lesson 2 in the reading book, pages 56-87. We will be reading the Frog and Toad books from our Library in our classroom. I will be putting the class in groups to practice one of the stories together and then read the book to the class. Please practice reading the lesson story at home each night for 15-20 min. so it can be read at school with fluency and expression in class. Once the lesson story has been practiced, other harder books can be read.


Tuesday:    Memory: “The Son of Man must suffer many things and on the third day be raised.” Luke 9:22    Library: Please return book that have been read. Everyone will take out books from the Library. They can leave the books in their desk at school.


Wednesday:   S & T      Chapel        Church: 4:30


Thursday:  Memory:  The Fifth Commandment: You shall not murder.               


Friday:       Spelling and Reading test lesson 2        Mid – Quarter



SPELLING: The class will be using the ten spelling words to make a wordsearch. They will get a chance to find the words in their classmate’s wordsearches. They also want to send them home for you to find the words. Have fun!



FALL: We will be learning about the legend of John Chapman, otherwise known as

“Johnny Appleseed”. We will be making applesauce to enjoy as our afternoon snack.  I will let you know if there is anything you can send in to help us try some apple items.


DRESS CODE: Just a reminder, the girls are only allowed to wear leggings or tight stretch pants under a dress or skirt. Otherwise, uniform pants are to be worn. Jeans and be worn on half days with a St. John’s t-shirt.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mackie







Sunday:     Church and Sunday school


Monday: 9/18/17     Spelling: Unit 1 Lesson 1 pretest       The test will be corrected and returned. Those who receive an A+ grade will received a certificate and will not take the test on Friday.  A certificate will be given on Friday for an A+, A or A- grade.   

Reading: We are on lesson 1 in the reading book, pages 18-55. Please practice reading the lesson story at home each night so it can be read with fluency and expression in class. Once the lesson story has been practiced, other harder books can be read. We are also reading the Arthur books from the library in our classroom. We will start our Reading Responses with the Arthur books.

 Please return the SchoolStore envelope today so your child can receive their prize.


Tuesday:    Memory: But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11:28 Please include the Bible reference in the memory.      

Library – This will be the first time books are take out. They can be taken home or left in their classroom desk, but everyone will take out books.


Wednesday:   Show & Tell     Chapel       Church: 4:30


Thursday:  Memory:  The 4th Commandment:   Honor your father and your mother.

Book Fair: Our class will go to the Book Fair at 1:00. They will have a chance to purchase books at that time or just shop for you to purchase the books on Friday.        

Parent meeting at 6:30 pm


Friday:       Spelling and Reading test lesson 1        

Book Fair from 3-6:00 pm & PTL Game Night 6:30-8:30 pm


MATH: Please help your child as needed to complete the B side of the math practice page and fact page so they will complete it correctly.  Both pages should be returned completed the next day to be graded and recorded. Please do not make corrections on A side. Fridays they try to complete both sides of the math pages so it doesn’t go home as homework.


HOMEWORK FOLDERS: Great job signing the folders every day.  Only a few have forgotten since the beginning of the year. You need to sign on the next line after my initials.  Don’t worry about the date.  NEW: The number of homework pages each night will be written on the next line to be initialed by parents.


DRESS CODE:  Friday is St. John’s t-shirt day. Royal blue and gray shirts are available to purchase from the office.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mackie