Fourth-Grade Class News

Deborah Callaghn, Fourth-Grade Teacher


Fourth Grade Newsletter  April 13, 2018  

I did not get a chance to get this note typed and to the kids.  I am sorry about that.  I did send home the spelling words for next week.  A lot of the kids said they could not read cursive which is disheartening because we have been writing in our workbooks and learning cursive.

Maybe you could write a little note to your child each day in cursive and have them answer you back in cursive.  A line or two should do.  They have the hardest time with joinings of the letters.

Such excitement today!  Mr. Kelly provided the kids with our art activity.  Everything was carefully planned out and sorted out to make our project a successful  experience.  We made adorable owl planters.  Hopefully they came home in one piece.  They might need a little bit of water to dampen the soil.  Do not overwater.  Ask the kids why there is blue tape covering the bottom hole in the planter. We had a lot of fun singing “Happy Birthday” to our new creatiions.

It was also Amaria’s half birthday, so we had treats for that, and Mr. Bryant brought cookies and popcorn to our class.  I’m telling you…they are a charming bunch…who get rewarded!!!!

Take a look in their Friday folders for papers coming home today including their Science test.  I am keeping their book reports because I made corrections on them and I want them to look at what I wrote, before I let them read them aloud to the class.  They did a good job.

Please look at your child’s report card.  Let me know thru email or a note in your child’s planner that you saw their grades.

Spelling words for next week: 

additional  beautifully  blissfully  boastfully  carefully  cheerfully  colorfully  educational  effortlessly  endlessly  guiltlessly  joyfully meaningfully  playfully   restfully  childishness  truthfully   usefully powerfully

Vocabulary words:  remarkable  extract  stealthy  advantage  withstand  suitable

Our story is “Mangrove Wilderness” and it is a difficult story because it is “expository non-fiction” and we will be “unpacking” the story to understand the facts and the relationship the Mangrove has with it’s inhabitants and the critters who depend on it for survival.

Tuesday, our literary coach, Mr. Bouman, from Concordia will be coming to our room to teach them about poetry. He and I are both English majors so he jumped at the opportunity to do the teaching next week.  English majors love poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my math class, the kids are doing well with long division so I think we can move on to harder things.

Have a great weekend.  The kids were NUTS once we had that spate of warm weather.  They definitely are getting spring fever and ready to leave my nest soon!

See you at the rummage sale!


Fourth Grade Newsletter   March 28, 2018     Mrs. Callaghan     Easter edition

Our eighth graders did a wonderful mime of the Passion of Christ.

I was very touched by the interpretation and was reminded how grateful we all should be for this “holiday” because we are saved from death by Christ dying in our place.  God gave His beloved Son for us.  Would I be able to give up my child or grandchild for others?  Nope.  Can I grasp that my heavenly Father could love me so much that he would allow His Son to be tortured for my sins and then die on a cross for my salvation? No,  I can’t quite grasp it.

If you can, please read about Holy Week with your family with daily devotions.  I have sent home some daily readings for you.  Better yet, worship with your family and read the devotions together.

Well, back to normal when we get back.  Our next Reading story will be, “The Cricket in Times Square.”

Vocabulary words:  scrounging  forlornly  stingy  pathetic  noble  resolved  fidget  suspicion


decoration  abbreviation  admiration  association  aviation  civilization  declaration  addition  composition  preposition  abdominal  proposal  rendition  disposal   emotional  environmental  denial  facial  judicial  testimonial

When we get back, we will have a Science test on Friday, the 13th (!!!) on Chapter 11.  I sent home a simple study sheet and told the kids to bring home their Science books.  It’s interesting to know that we disagreed on some answers to a worksheet.  I don’t have the answer key to anything so I do the sheets with the kids.  If I don’t understand something, I am not going to test them on it.  I will try to get answers and figure it out and teach it, but I am not in the business of tricking kids on tests.

I will give a sample test for them to study from and we will play a game so that we get practice with what we have to know.  It really isn’t that hard.  The kids just have a hard time remembering which is the solvent, solute and solution.  So when you make chocolate milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, demonstrate the words and have the kids repeat them or let them make the solution.

If you are traveling, bring back souvenirs and postcards.  We will be doing State reports next and kids can research the state they are visiting.

I could use donations of Kleenex for our room and snacks to share when we get back.

I will miss your children when we are on vacation.  They are delightful and I enjoy being with them.  I need the vacation to do some much needed organizing in my own home and resting a bit.  I do not need a vacation from them.  They are a blessing.  Thank you for trusting them to be in my care.

Enjoy your time off from school things, remember to hug and kiss your kids and keep  Christ in Easter!

Mrs. Callaghan


FOURTH GRADE NEWSLETTER    March 16, 2018                  MRS. CALLAGHAN

WELL!!!! These fourth graders know how to P A R T Y!!!!!  All day seemed to be a celebration as we went to Ireland and Norway today and tasted some food from those countries, not to mention traveling to Asia to learn what India is like and to taste some savory Indian food.  We listened to Irish music and Australian music.  What a world!!

We also had lots of other wonderful treats that were either  green, orange, whitish, yellow and yummy!

Many thanks to those who sent in treats for us!

We dyed seltzer water green…and we will continue with fun next Monday as we ran out of time to eat everything there was!  These kids have the appetite of baby race horses!

Next week’s spelling words are:   indirect  indent  instead  incomplete  include  inexact  infamous  outbid  outbreak  outcast  outdated  outdoor  downfall  downhill  downpour  downstairs  update  upfront  uphill  upwind

Vocabulary:  opportunities  comforted  journey  burst  huddle  recognizes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!  St. Patrick explained God by the three leaves of the shamrock as, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…three in one…one stem.


For our auction basket!!!  Please look around for anything orange to go in our fourth grade raffle basket. I haven’t a clue what is orange except for the Bears blue and orange.  Any suggestions to pass along?

Don’t forget this Sunday is an OPEN HOUSE, so please pass the word about our school.

  Note:                    THE POSTERS                   are due on MONDAY –if you need an extension, email me at  or send a note to school on Monday and tell me when it will be done.


                                                                                Scholastic book orders due MONDAY.  



Good luck team.  Unfortunately I can’t be there to cheer you on.






Greetings, Families,

It was nice seeing fourth grade families at reregistration last night and I hope you all enjoyed the dinner as much as I did!  We have excellent chefs in the kitchen and we are grateful for them.  By the way, Candy Lawler was looking for suggestions for lunches for our last two months in school.  Remember I asked about that in a note?  Please talk about what you would like and pass it on to your child as we are going to help her out by conducting a survey to the kids.  Email with any ideas, too.

Next week Monday:  Spelling pretest:

assistant  consultant  coolant  defendant  radiant  disinfectant  ignorant  absorbent  confident  different  engineer  activist  cyclist  motorist  pianist  typist  comedian  electrician  librarian  musician


All of the kids should have brought home their posters.  They are very excited about what they are doing!  They are probably one of the most enthusiastic classes I have ever had.

If they finish the posters before the due date and they want to give their oral report they  may.  They get to read off what they wrote from the poster and talk about it.  It always helps if they know what their famous people are famous for and they can have a separate sheet to answer that.

It’s very hard to get information about the early history of the country, so don’t worry about that.  I won’t mark it down if it is not filled in.  Also difficult…to understand…is political philosophy, too.  Basically is it a democracy, Republic, dictatorship, does it have a queen or king, is is Parliamentarian?

I don’t even know what some of the country’s philosophy means.

Keep your child reading their book as their book report is due March 26th.

ST. PATRICK’S DAY----the kids may wear green tops and blue jeans on Friday, March 16th.

                Perhaps we should celebrate it with green snacks!  Ideas anyone?  Please email me if you will send something in.

There is no homework this weekend.  We will be working on Science next week and having a test the week of the 26th on properties of matter.

Have a grand weekend!

Mrs. Callaghan


FOURTH GRADE NEWSLETTER  March 2, 2018  Mrs. Callaghan

Congratulations Fourth Grade for winning the Penny Wars!  We had a lot of fun raising money for this important need for our school and our safety.  I think some of the moms will come up with a “reward” for the class.

Midterms are released today.  There is no Science grade because we really didn’t get to it with all of our other things that seemed to take place in the afternoons that we would have Science.  We are catching up now with our unit on Properties of Matter.

I gave a handout sheet for the “My Favorite Country” poster with all the information they will need to go on it.  The poster must be filled in neatly and correctly.  I won’t give it until all information is gathered and the student is ready to put the information on and glue on pictures.  For their report, they can bring artifacts from the country to show.

Book reports are due:  (check your child’s folder)  March 26

Country reports are due:  (check your child’s folder) March 19

Spanish test on vocabulary will be next Thursday.

The Social Studies test went home today along with Reading tests and math papers.  I have a consultation with the math students after they grade papers to see what they got wrong and to make sure they understand how to do the problem or to see that they understand why they got the problem wrong.

Reading next week is lesson 20, “The Case of the Too Hot Apple Cider” which is a review of spelling words.

arrival  gentle  national  single  level  collar  doctor  checkers  power  overboard  overheat  underbrush  undergo  subway  sheep  class’s  fishes’ women  jeans fish

Vocabulary:  ominous  confound  miserable  gracious  beams  self-assurance  monitor  exposed  installed  looming

Mr. Bouman from Concordia was with our class today helping us learn how to write in paragraph form.  We worked on a persuasive paper either about cats or dogs.  The kids are typing their written work in Computers to keep it all compiled neatly.



Mrs. Callaghan