Kindergarten Class News

Kindergarten Teacher, Leslee Johnson


Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates!

Congratulations to the kindergarten class of 2017!  What an awesome group of girls and boys graduated from St. John's kindergarten this school year.  I was blessed to watch them learn, grow, laugh and love as they blossomed into first grade students who were filled with the light of our Lord.  Thank you, parents, for sharing your children with me and with the entire St. John's family.  May God richly bless your summer activities, and always remember...Jesus Loves You!

To God be the Glory!




Monday – No School


Graduation Rehearsal.  Last day of library.  Return all library books.  There is a charge for books not returned.  PUZZLE AND GAME DAY.  Students may bring one favorite puzzle or board game from home.   Please don't send anything expensive.  No electronic games.  There will be plenty for everyone if you don't send anything.


MAY READING LOG DUE.  Graduation Rehearsal.  Last day of Spanish.  MOVIE AND READING DAY.  Students may wear pajamas (suitable for recess).  Bring a favorite book or two and a stuffed animal.


Final Graduation Rehearsal.  Report Cards Sent Home.  PACK UP DAY AND ICE CREAM PARTY.  If your child does not have a large school bag, plan to send a separate bag to help carry items home.   Volunteer Reminder:  Decoration of the gym will take place after school.  Please arrive between 3:00-3:30.


Graduation is at 10:00 am in the gym.  Students should arrive in the classroom between 9:30-9:45 am.  If you arrive earlier, your child must stay with you until the classroom opens at 9:30.  Please remember to bring your refreshment donation, cut and ready to serve.  Place it directly on the refreshment table in the gym.  Kindergarten children go home with you after the program.  Total time, including refreshments, is about one hour.

LUNCH VOLUNTEERS for next weekWednesday-Radcliff, Thursday-Pritts

SNACKS – Mrs. Johnson

That’s all for this week.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend.  Jesus Loves You!







-We have been so busy with end of year activities.  In addition to reviewing basic skills and practicing new reading books, we are busy with graduation preparations and end of year assessments.  Our Bible story this week was the story of Pentecost.  Children learned that God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us share the good news of salvation.   We need not be ashamed or afraid to testify about our Lord.


-It’s the last full week of school.  We will finish up assessments and review activities.  We practice graduation in the gym every morning after announcements, so please make sure your child is here on time.  We have limited opportunity for gym use and it is important for the children to feel comfortable for graduation.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Brielle, Tuesday-Mia (Happy Summer Birthday), Wednesday-Angelina, Thursday-Marisa (Happy Summer Birthday), Friday-Caitlin.

- Lunch Volunteers: Wednesday-Radcliff, Thursday-Pritts, Friday-Kracik


-The last week of school, May 29-June 2, will be filled with special days for kindergarten children. 

            Monday-No School

            Tuesday-Puzzle and Game Day.  Students may bring one favorite puzzle or board game

                          from home.   Please don’t send anything expensive.  No electronic games.  There

                          will be plenty for everyone if you don’t have any.

            Wednesday-Movie and Reading Day.  Students may wear pajamas (suitable for recess).

                                Bring a favorite book or two and a stuffed animal.

            Thursday-Pack up Day and Ice Cream Party.  If your child does not have a large school

                             bag, plan to send a separate bag to help carry items home.

            Friday-Graduation.  10:00 am in the gym.  All students should be in the classroom

                        between 9:30-9:45 am.  Please bring your refreshment donation to the gym, cut

                        and ready to serve.

 That’s all for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Jesus Loves You!




-The children were truly magnificent this week!  It is clear to see they are ready to move on to first grade.  We continue to review basic skills and add challenges for those who have already shown mastery.  For Jesus Time we had the story of Jesus’ ascension.  Children learned that we can trust in Jesus’ promise to stay with us always and to take us to heaven and live with Him forever.

-The ice cream social is tonight.  Hope to see you there.


-Friday is a half day.  All children are dismissed at 11:40 unless you have signed up for extended care.

-We begin preparations for graduation and continue with regular reading and math classes.

-Snack reminder: Monday - Jaden (Happy Birthday,) Tuesday - Samantha, Wednesday - Carson/Collins, Thursday-Avery, Friday- Max (Happy Summer Birthday).

-Lunch Volunteers: Wednesday-Wright

Have a wonderful weekend.  Jesus Loves You!





-We learned about oviparous animals, had new reading books, reviewed addition and subtraction, and played math games using our problem solving skills.  For Jesus time we had the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  We focused on our part in sharing the good news with others.


-Our theme will be author and illustrator Eric Carle.  Don’t forget that the Eric Carle Early Childhood Family Night is on Friday beginning at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Room.  The evening begins with families rotating through each classroom to participate in different activities.  After classroom activities there will be snacks and activity stations back in the Fellowship Room.  We will also have a photo booth.  Please let us know if your family will be attending by filling out the RSVP in the Friday Folder so that we can plan accordingly.  Hope to see you there.

-Snack Reminder: Monday: Angelina, Tuesday-Caitlin, Wednesday-Amazin, Thursday-Dalilah, Friday-Maya.  Children with summer birthdays may bring a birthday treat on their assigned snack day.  Check the Friday Folder for a complete May Snack Calendar.

-Lunch Volunteers: Monday-Radcliff, Friday-Kracik.

-The May Reading Log is in the Friday Folder.  There are no new words for May.  We will be reviewing all of our sight words during the month of May.

That’s all for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Jesus Loves You!