Cheryl Fasshauer

Mrs. Fasshauer has been part of the office staff since 1998 and thoroughly loves working at St. John's. She is a member of the church choir and adult handbell choir and serves on the Altar Guild. After serving 20+ years on the picnic committee, she is now looking forward to enjoying the picnic from outside the pavilion. In addition, she continues to play on the LAA Women's Volleyball Team.





 Mark Eggert

Mark is St. John's Organist, Handbell Director and Music Director.






Denise Zanders

Mrs. Zanders, after being a full-time office volunteer, began her office employment in December, 2016 following the retirement of Mrs. Wheeler.  She has three children, AJ, Ashley and Allison - 8th grade, senior at Guerin Prep, and a junior at UIC respectively. Mrs. Zanders currently participates on the women's LAA Volleyball team. 






Rachel Benedict

Mrs. Benedict is the Eagle's Nest Coordinator since December, 2016.  She and her husband Jeremy have 2 children, Gabriella and Kade who bring pure joy to their lives each and every day.  She currently serves on the PTL Board. 






Tamara Wroblewski

Mrs. Tammy works as a Teacher's Aide for Pre Kindergarten and works Summer Camp.  She also volunteers weekly for the Food Pantry. 






Claudia Castro

Mrs. Castro works in the Eagle's Nest and is an Aide in the PreSchool Classroom.







Erica Merced

Mrs. Merced is a volunteer in the office.






Jennifer Stinar

Mrs. Stinar is the Summer Camp Director since 2014.